Love The Jetsons! I have been waiting for such a reality to manifest in my lifetime. Of course, way more advanced than what we used to watch as kids!

I’m delighted to have found EQT and learn about their forward-thinking approach, not only from an emerging technology perspective but rather from a holistic humanitarian standpoint.

With that being said, I’m glad I’m not alone in that journey in accelerating the transition to a future closer than anyone anticipated.

Next >> A complete business/cafe run by a single robot serving personalized artisan creations! Well, now the cafe IS the robot. 🗣🤖☕️

Thank you 🙏 for sharing your progress so far.



Love is the ocean with reasonings bounding us.
Reasonings circling as rivers and seas within us.
Bringing a little understanding and plenty of fuss.

The seas search not for the ocean but to seek their home.
They do not merely finally meet but have been in each other all along.

As one seeks and another engages, it is but a worry.
As with limited appetite, it’s all beautiful but blurry.
Drink all you can to be sturdy.
Guide yourself as it’s your Loves’ infinite journey.

You are a river from the ocean of Love.
Seek not what you already are,
but the barriers built from your scar.

Soar above,
with Reasonable Love.

© 2020 Haitham Al-Beik