Mirror, mirror…

Haitham Al-Beik
4 min readJul 12, 2019

When do I know I’m ready?
You won’t.
All it takes is a leap of faith…
A leap of faith.

Faith in what?
To understand faith one needs to understand perception.

You mean what I see, hear, and feel?
Yes. Since most of what you perceive and experience are physical stimuli that comes from the outside, it is in many ways a distortion of truth.

Why is it distorted?
If I drew a circle in a piece of a paper and asked you to replicate that experience to others, would it be the same circle? You can draw it and teach others to draw it, but it will never be the circle that I drew.

Are you saying the original circle only exists in one place?
Precisely. In my mind.

Wait… so the truest form of that circle is actually not physical?
Correct. The act of drawing the circle is in itself a distortion of the truth — which is the circle that I have envisioned in my mind.

Does that make the circle an illusion?
Any type of distortion can be defined as an illusion. And yes, that includes you —you are an illusion to others.

Interesting… what does faith have to do with this?
Realizing that the truth in its purest form resides within you informs you the best place to have faith in.

I see.
It makes sense to have faith in the least distorted version of the truth.

With that being said, if all is left in importance is you, then faith becomes, in may ways, redundant it occupies a space of one. We can then conclude that the concept of ‘faith’ is in itself a distortion.

Oh! It feels like one has to optimize their percepetions…
Indeed. The simpler the truth —with the appropriate awareness— is a truth of lesser distortion.

I feel like I’ll be always distilling information as much as I can.
Essentially, you are surrounded by mirrors.

Like a house of mirrors?
Yes. None of which shows the true you due to their distortions — but aspects, or rather, fractals of you.

How do I avoid these distortions?
You don’t.
A distortion is not bad or good. It’s just different.

Different how?
Think of it as a fractal of the truth — a version of it.

How do I know what my distortion is to others?
You can’t.

Why not?
Because whenever they try to share what they experience with you, it is already distorted once more. Remember the circle?

What would I need then to become aware of my distortions?
All you would need is a very clean and neutral mirror.

Like a brand new REAL mirror?
Ha! That would be easy, won’t it?

A good mirror is one that resonates with you. The one that would show you who you are as clean as it can be. Your own truth.

It’s like choosing a crystal or a stone?
Yes. Precisely. The stone is obviously not you, but a fractal of it which you unknowingly resonates with.

Ultimately, things that resonates assists you to see yourself.

Do we always need a mirror?
No. But it is of great assistance for the confused.

I do feel very confused…
We always are. We are built that way.

Would it ever go away?
The confusion?

No. The universe itself is confused.
And that is how and why we are here.

So, how would I find a person that resonates?
You don’t.

Then how would I ever meet the others that resonate?
Imagine, if you will, many different sized empty boxes spread on a large table.

They are empty, because they do not know themselves… yet.

You start filling each with different types of magnets at random times and with varying amounts throughout a long period of time. As time progresses, certain boxes become attracted to others when their magnetic forces are strong enough and aligned properly to pull them ever-so-slightly. While others would be repelling each other.

So we are like the boxes?
In a high-level way, yes.

What you really end up with is this organic dance of pull and push of people, plants, elements, and all things in an energetically driven way.

And the physical experience is the result of that?

The physical is like the screen on your phone. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes that you do not see — which is creating that distorted experience.

Is there really a photo in your phone?
If you open your phone would you be able to experience the photo?

No. I won’t.
I think I see what you mean.
So people will come to me?

Sounds strangely simple…
Simple. Yes.
Strange. Always.
Remember, simplicity only makes sense with the appropriate state of awareness.

What do you mean?
It was not simple for a caveman to create a proper, safe and large house. It is simple for us today and can even be more complex. That is only possible, because, today, we are of higher awareness.

Like a bigger box of magnets?
You got it.

So, what exactly do I do?
You simply be you.

But, how can I be me, if I’m trying to figure ‘me’ out?
You are you in this moment with all that you know.

How do I… confirm?… what I know is… indeed me?
You exercise what you know.
Your beingness.
Your will.
Your reason here.

Sounds heavy!
Ha! It only sounds heavy.
A child will go play for it is all it knows, and that is how it is being.

So if I feel like watching a movie now, then I should?
If the drive to do so is from the purest of truth within yourself at this moment and is joyful, then yes.

I do want joy!
Remember, the movie may end up terrible.

Oh? I guess that could happen.
Yes. But you will still go, right?

Great! I will give you a ride!