Path in Zero-time

A moment is experienced through a manifestation of your current intention intertwined with others. No matter how much we can influence others, we cannot change them. Thusly, the purest and truthful experience is relative and utterly dependent on the observer — you! And as such, the idea of an “ultimate truth” exists, but impossible to acquire; at least in this dimension.

If the ultimate truth is not what we are meant to seek — which is information, then, perhaps, instead, it’s a path — which is direction. That’s the difference between knowing the information, and experiencing it. To experience any information requires time. Since time is an illusion and knowledge exists in all, then, relatively-speaking, you are the path.

The path is not distinct or separate from the idea of you. It is being represented as part of time. And since time is a facet of your experience and intertwined with you, a path is then an expression of yourself — another aspect of your manifestation.

Then… what is the best path? Since “best” is always relative to who asked, the guidance would always be to minimize time. The shorter it takes to manifest a path, the “truer” the path is to who you are.

The idea of going through life with a “zero-time path-manifestion” mindset sounds a lot like “living in the moment.” That is the most challenging of tasks one can be. Whoever attempts it quickly experiences impatience that is often labeled as anxiety or fear.

To truly live in the moment, one would need to be in absolute control of their emotional self—attainable by loving the self.

Heart before mind.

Haitham Al-Beik, 3/25/2020




Rider. Observer. Influencer.

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Haitham Al-Beik

Haitham Al-Beik

Rider. Observer. Influencer.

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