“I, the Source”

Haitham Al-Beik
2 min readAug 9, 2019


As I connect more to who I am (a spirit of the human) I now can resonate to the lack of power that directly correlates to the lack of love within the self.

It is, as if, the human that we are experiencing today are all like horses in a race in a single track. Slightly blindfolded to only see what is needed for the limited task at hand — limiting their true freedom. Although, they may feel joy by winning through competition, it lacks the full potential of what joy truly is.

It is, none-the-less, what makes human a human — able to win even when blinded.

What will then become of a human (or horse) in what it can do when they are let free to run about on the largest and widest of meadows with no rules, but with the experiences they are now carrying? They will explore on their own, with whatever tools and skills they carry, at any place they desire. Forcing the mindset to divert its focus from others and instead to itself.

Inherently, attempting to find love from within.

What if love, in its many words and stories, is simply confused about itself? Thusly, is curious and wants to understand itself. What if love is conscious as we all are? What if it is in all things that exists as part of creation? Love then needs all to survive and grow — through and through in everything from the micro to the cosmic.

If creation and love is one, then we are (without doubt) a fractal of that love — a portion, a branch, seeking to answer an aspect of itself. Returning back to its source with whatever knowledge it carries, so that the rest of itself can continue to grow further… by cooperating v.s. competing.

It’s only with fear we fight and become separate, and it’s only with love we become one… returning to source.

Unity is inherently been given to us from the beginning. We have it. We do not need to make it, but simply be reminded of it—and with that memory, you have returned.

Thusly, and intuitively, I and source are one.