Future of Services is Live!

Revolutionizing services necessitates transforming people, too.

A Living Sustainable Platform

Indeed new thinking is needed. I guide that we begin with balancing the equation on both sides — business and consumer. At a high level, that would be for businesses to start operating on new infrastructure and platforms where external and internal logistics are standardized around a locality. No different how Amazon’s AWS and the likes standardized many operations and significantly reduced the cost to begin and operate a startup — except, in our case, most operations are in the physical world tied to logistics. It’s vital that the locality, by design, can scale from a small community to a city when needed. Both people and businesses share their requests and services transmitted and intercepted on a real-time grid within a locality. This platform’s real-time grid is intended for bi-directional communication of intentions and creations at any moment. More importantly, it facilitates and organizes multiple services based on a single intention to fulfill it most sustainably.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash
  • A more elevated experience.
  • An end-to-end personalized experience.
  • Applied technologies are neutral participants.
  • Safer, cleaner, and more accurate systems.
  • Enhanced quality of life.
  • Increasing and empowering creative jobs.
  • Advancing skills and pay across the board.
  • Higher level of education.
  • New opportunities.
  • Waste and recycling.
  • Renewable sources.
  • Materials and processes that are congruent to nature.
  • Modular and scalable.

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