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Rider. Observer. Influencer.
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Dreams are…
to jump from;
to play for.
Dreams are…
to trip on;
to hope for.

Bring dreams down
‣ from the heavens.
‣ I say.
Laying down
‣ for the sevens.
‣ I pray.
Counting down
‣ these sessions.
‣ I stay.
Eating down
‣ confessions.
‣ Mayday.
‣ Mayday.

Dreams are…
to jump from;
to play for.
Dreams are…
to trip on;
to hope for.

Conquering the crown, as legends. ‣ I play. Talk of the town, ‣ like shepherds. ‣ I, slay. Nerves are down, ‣ novel impressions…

Love is the ocean with reasonings bounding us.
Reasonings circling as rivers and seas within us.
Bringing a little understanding and plenty of fuss.

The seas search not for the ocean but to seek their home.
They do not merely finally meet but have been in each other all along.

As one seeks and another engages, it is but a worry.
As with limited appetite, it’s all beautiful but blurry.
Drink all you can to be sturdy.
Guide yourself as it’s your Loves’ infinite journey.

You are a river from the ocean of Love.
Seek not what you already are,
but the barriers built from your scar.

Soar above,
with Reasonable Love.

© 2020 Haitham Al-Beik

A moment is experienced through a manifestation of your current intention intertwined with others. No matter how much we can influence others, we cannot change them. Thusly, the purest and truthful experience is relative and utterly dependent on the observer — you! And as such, the idea of an “ultimate truth” exists, but impossible to acquire; at least in this dimension.

If the ultimate truth is not what we are meant to seek — which is information, then, perhaps, instead, it’s a path — which is direction. That’s the difference between knowing the information, and experiencing it. To experience any

As I connect more to who I am (a spirit of the human) I now can resonate to the lack of power that directly correlates to the lack of love within the self.

It is, as if, the human that we are experiencing today are all like horses in a race in a single track. Slightly blindfolded to only see what is needed for the limited task at hand — limiting their true freedom. Although, they may feel joy by winning through competition, it lacks the full potential of what joy truly is.

It is, none-the-less, what makes human a…

Fractals of us

It’s a weird feeling when you watch the stars at night. And you spot that one gleaming star. Always wondrous. Always humbling. Always aligned. Always bright. Distracting you from every other star in the universe. It invites you. Seduces you. You can’t help but feel it watching you back. Staring back at you from a place you cannot fathom or comprehend. A place you want to be in, but know you cannot survive. A place that ultimately and will only be in your heart.

That’s what we live for.

Originally written on July 27, 2012 (7-year cycle)

When do I know I’m ready?
You won’t.
All it takes is a leap of faith…
A leap of faith.

Faith in what?
To understand faith one needs to understand perception.

You mean what I see, hear, and feel?
Yes. Since most of what you perceive and experience are physical stimuli that comes from the outside, it is in many ways a distortion of truth.

Why is it distorted?
If I drew a circle in a piece of a paper and asked you to replicate that experience to others, would it be the same circle? …

My heart hath fallen into thee;
where thou cannot see;
nor, wishfully, flee.

The grasp of the almighty;
although mighty;
is but a whisper of hope;
to help me cope;
with a rope;
around the globe.

The almighty and I,
dancing eye-to-eye,
as an art,
drawn together,
growing together.

As a fallen feather…
a fallen warrior,
a fallen angel,
mistaken as a stranger,
but a spatial,
a mirror,
of you.

Draw your love,
within a glove,
held by a tether,
and play.

– ©2019 Haitham Al-Beik

“Life is a story. A story of which we need not make nor narrate; rather, it is through the gift of beingness in which the true story will unfold. A story amongst many, from a book written a long time ago, as a gift from you to you. Thusly, with every breath, recall, and unravel your story, as it is already written.”

Originally written on 6/8/2018

It’s not within me that I speak,
but the voices from without.

They tell a story,
of you, of when, and how.

The why is not for this realm.

Let it sink in, as the voices take you.
Let go.

— Haitham Al-Beik 01.30.2017
came to me as a message, rather a pivotal sign for what’s next…”
“trust me, my son”

“Difficulty shows what men are. Therefore when a difficulty falls upon you, remember that God, like a trainer of wrestlers, has matched you with a rough young man. Why? So that you may become an Olympic conqueror; but it is not accomplished without sweat.”
― Epictetus, Discourses, Books 1–2

For the few who know, this has been an interesting year for me thus far. Not taking into account my fathers death — may he rest in peace. It doesn’t help when my empathy, a skill, has caused me more grief than I can count. …

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